Standard Audit File for Tax


elliteq system is ready to prepare and send the Standard Audit File for Tax!

Be ready for fiscal e-control with e-process of elliteq system!

New taxpayers obligations which require sending data from the VAT evidence without tax authorities can be automated using the mechanisms of elliteq system.

In addition, in a situation of control, demanding delivery the electronic file format including all or part of the accounting evidence required by law, our solution will prepare it for you.

System will prepare the appropriate file in XML format, built in accordance with the structure required by the Ministry of Finance.

Don’t worry that your financial accounting system is not prepared yet to export the Standard Audit File for Tax - we are already ready.

We give you more! Because elliteq is a system of digital archiving of documents and automation of processes - you will store all generated Unified Control Files in a secure digital repository. Automats of procedures will be watched over data completeness, compliance structure and correctness of the XML file and its timely generating and sending.


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