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Full convenience of light work due to automatic notifications. Use the documents repository to quickly and clearly provide documentation to the auditor during audits or system recertification. Get the full history of versions of documents downloaded to be read by employees
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    If you are working with accordance to quality assurance system or if you are planning to implement it, if you are a quality systems plenipotentiary, and your responsibility is to supervise the documentation and maintain procedures in compliance with standards, use the DMS functionality of our solution compatible with the requirements of ISO quality standards.

    Our solution enables procedure and quality manual management, as well as provides access to current and approved documents. You can use the workflow mechanisms for periodic tasks, such as automatic start of update cycle and procedures and instructions approvals.

    You will experience the full comfort of quiet work, while the system automatically notifies you about the expiry of the document and the employees are notified of the documentation modification.

    If your responsibility is auditing and certification of the system, you can use the document repository for fast and transparent presentation of documentation to the auditor. You will be able to easily present the history of the document version and obtain the report of downloading the file for reading by employees.



  • Possibility of keeping the documentation in electronic form only
  • Specialised and secure archive of documentation, quality manual, instructions and procedures
  • Elimination of risk of working with outdated or non-approved procedures and instructions
  • Certainty that the company complies with current legal requirements in the scope of quality assurance and that this compliance will be maintained in the future
  • Secure and unobstructed access for employees to current and approved templates of documents, instructions, procedures, quality records
  • Unavailability of sensitive or confidential documents to unauthorised persons
  • Work without improvisation – with approved processes standardising the operation of the company
  • Elimination of paper versions of the documents of all risks associated

 Zarządzanie procedurami jakości

The product includes:

  • Electronic archiving of electronic and scanned documents
  • Supervised access, editing and versioning of documents
  • Creating automatic log of document life history (who, when – created, approved, released for publication, read)
  • The possibility of using barcodes to for an unequivocal identification of a document
  • Document template repository
  • Mechanisms allowing to build the structures of relationships between documents
  • Document publishing tools
  • Automatic mechanisms of notification about the expiry of the approval changing the status of the document
  • Automatic mechanisms of notification about the date of the audit
  • Advanced search mechanisms and storing search queries in the form of ad-hoc reports
  • Simple workflow paths for document approval process

Who will benefit:

  • Quality system directors
  • Quality systems plenipotentiaries
  • Organisation department

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