Hiring and dismissal processHiring and dismissal process

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The product which acts as an electronic workflow will take care of the registration of relevant employee information, assets entrusted to them, send reminders to complete necessary employee documents and statements
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    The process of employment supervision implemented in the programme will take care of completing documents such as a letter of intent, CV, supporting documents provided by the employee (certificates, diplomas), work certificates from previous jobs, personal questionnaire, a certificate of medical examination. If the employee is entrusted with equipment, tools, a company car, etc., an electronic form that allows to build your own collection of entrusted funds will be used.

    Thus, the archiving and document circulation system becomes a knowledge base of employee documents and entrusted property. In addition, the entrusted equipment can be described in a system with a variable defining the term of required overhauls or replacement. The flexibility of the application allows you to customise the procedure implemented by the application to the specific organisation of the Customer through an expanded configuration form. The process of dismissal of the employee is carried out in the same way – our solution will use necessary documents and procedures for the settlement of entrusted equipment.



  • Completing necessary employee documentation (acceptance/dismissal)
  • Current and readily available knowledge of the assigned working tools
  • Easy detection of deficiencies in documentation
  • Notification of the dates of changes or overhauls of entrusted equipment

 Hiring and dismissal process

The product includes:

  • Document repository
  • Configuration document allowing to adjust the procedure to the User’s organisation
  • Reminder and notification mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced search


Who will benefit:

  • HR department
  • Departments having working tools for employees
  • Department managers

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