Management of purchasing proceduresManagement of purchasing procedures

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Take advantage of the purchasing process automatability. Get full control and manage all supply operations. Your order will always be consistent with the actual demands, and the system will reduce the size of the order when the goods are already in your warehouse
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    The implementation of the project budget objectives registered in the forms of the “Project budget design" case consists in issuing a number of work orders as workflow cases. Together with the attached documentation, the order becomes a mechanism showing the contractor the task content, the required date, and the calculated limits of working hours for each category of work resulting from the project budget.

    Orders closed by the contractors are a direct source of information about the actual expenditures devoted to the implementation of the task. The person performing the task receives workflow tools allowing for signalling risks and problems, consultations, requesting an increase in labour intensity or revision of the budget and deadline.

    The contractor also has the convenience that the system takes care of periodic work progress reporting. Glossary collections of work statuses allow the budget owner to control on-line the implementation progress of the project by all contractors or only those for which the system has automatically detected a deviation from the order parameters. The possibility of addressing orders to a group of users allows to optimise the use of resources and relieving bottlenecks.

    The current flow of information on closing the implementation of tasks provides the controlling cell with information on the status and the settlement of the project in a comparative plan-made system for each budget category as well as for the entire project collectively, quantitatively and valuably. This way of executing project through the issuance of parameterised tasks builds a library of business events in the company, allowing to implement them with verified resources and beneficial work organisation for repetitive works.



  • possibility of conducting multi-dimensional analyses of purchasing costs and suppliers
  • Optimisation of organisation and labour costs of purchasing departments
  • collective purchases based on approved demands
  • obtaining conditions for negotiating favourable price conditions with suppliers for large deliveries
  • elimination of costly, uncoordinated and unnecessary or excessive purchases
  • avoiding purchases of non-conforming technical characteristics or parameters
  • central coordination of planning, budgeting and monitoring purchasing processes
  • continuous monitoring and forced multi-sectional evaluation of suppliers and their rankings
  • on-line access to important documents in the buying process - agreements with suppliers, their price lists, terms of discounts, delivery conditions, precedents of previous purchases
  • improving credibility and trust with suppliers
 Zarządzanie procedurami zakupowymi

The product includes:

  • workflow equipped in the demand forms supplied from databases of groups and material indices, data of suppliers and important delivery conditions
  • workflow capable of directing the demands to the relevant sector specialists
  • completion and order approval process workflow
  • integration with an internal e-shop and the auction platform
  • integration with the ERP system at the stage of inventory control, registration and sending the order
  • search and selection mechanisms
  • possibility of tracking the status of demand and order
  • notification and alert rules
  • environment of assessing and building rankings of suppliers
  • application environment ready for the expansion of the process of purchase invoice circulation with reference to the order

Who will benefit:

  • project managers
  • Investment department managers
  • department managers
  • departments of: materials management and warehouse management, analysis and cost controlling, quality assurance, implementation of budgets and purchase limits

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