Management and qualification of suppliers Management and qualification of suppliers

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The modern approach to delivery requires the possession of such input data for the purchasing process so that the results obtained guarantee the achievement of the best quality, price, and delivery time
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    The relationship between the supplier and the recipient cannot be solely based on prices of offers. The cooperation process requires building deep relationships giving reasons to believe that the supplier knows our needs and identifies with them.

    The process management system based on complex case forms allows to build extensive collections of information that are an indispensable source of comprehensive evaluation of suppliers. Only in this way you will avoid the disastrous actions on the basis of habits and quick decisions.

    Use a flexible form for collecting the data, and then obtain new shopping opportunities on the basis of these data. Characterise and describe timeliness, recommendations, price, flexibility, certificates, etc. with glossary criteria.

    Use the definition of circulation to organise not only the process of ordering the supply of the material, but also to obtain necessary information about potential threats, the specific nature of the terms of cooperation, possible conflicts, competition, and places to improve cooperation with every purchase.



  • Standardisation of purchasing processes
  • Unification of documentation used for assessing suppliers
  • Standardisation of supplier selection and cooperation procedures
  • Security of choosing the right supplier in the context of rapidly changing requirements
 Zarządzanie i kwalifikacja dostawców

The product includes:

  • Repository of files (characteristics forms) of suppliers
  • The process of supplementing the purchasing activities with necessary steps of supplier and delivery evaluation
  • Direct access to data and information
  • Flexible way of data and document registration
  • Flexible way of data presentation
  • Mechanisms for automatic signalling of activities that do not meet the criteria for valid supplier selection

Who will benefit:

  • Purchasing director
  • Purchasing department
  • Management system plenipotentiary

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