Management of technical and project documentationManagement of technical and project documentation

Indexing | Archiving | Versioning | Revision | CAD integration
Get a competitive advantage thanks to the DMS product and become a pro quality company. Build a secure and long-term digital repository, effective and up-to-date documentation, and also minimize the number of internal and external complaints
  • Current and dynamic management of technical documentation often determines the competitive advantage in the market. Efficiently and continuously updated documentation, the key to minimizing the number of internal and external complaints, is also one of the points assessed by the company as a more modern and organized pro-quality. For the management of technical documentation, elliteq provides the DMS solution, which allows you to build secure and long-term digital repositories of versions and revisions of drawings, specifications, instructions, and technical structure.

    Technical documentation is almost always a collection of multiple documents. It is therefore important for system archiving to allow associations of versioned sets of documentation to allow for the creation or revision of the subversion of such sets – regardless of their format. Extensive possibilities for indexing documents is an essential quality for search precision in a vast collection of files.

    Statuses management, the ability to build your own status glossary and other characteristics of documents gives rise to great possibilities for tracking and controlling the creation cycle and the document “lifetime”. Multi cross-sectional presentation of the archive resources also makes work very easy, as well as saves the time of employees thanks to the ability to create relationships among documents not originally associated with each other.

    Everything connected with the safety and protection of the intellectual property of the company is managed by the rule of precisely controlling authorizations. OCR technology gives the ability to support the process of adding a new document or a new version of it and so this feature should not be underestimated. Also open for integration with CAD systems provides a universal formula for system applications. Furthermore, the use of barcodes, record of information about physical storage place, information about downloading the physical document paints a picture of the complexity of the solution.



  • Safe and durable documentation repository
  • Indexing/annotating documents using glossaries of terms in order to avoid ambiguity in descriptions
  • Database of details of contracts, allowing for analysis and reports
  • Instant access to approved and complete documentation
  • The ability to track and control the state and status of work by documentation
  • Knowledge base and events governing documentation – download, readings, versions creation, physical storage
  • Warning mechanisms for revision requirements
 Zarządzanie dokumentacją techniczną i projektową

Product contains:

  • A digital repository of documents
  • A flexible hierarchical imaging archive structure
  • An index data form
  • Enhanced mechanism for conferring authorization
  • Notification server
  • Notification and alert mechanisms
  • A mechanism to log every event in the system
  • A module for simple and advanced searches and storing searches
  • An optional OCR

Who benefits:

  • Project leaders
  • Construction department
  • Technology department
  • Production department
  • Maintenance department
  • Organization department
  • Department of quality assurance

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