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If the employee documentation management takes a lot of time in your company because you increase employment, you have a more geographically dispersed organization, high employee turnover in your company; the optimization of the personnel service will bring you significant benefits
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    The solution will enable you to use the electronic folders that represent grouping documents into parts A, B, C, D, required by law, replacing dusty folders with paper documents that are difficult to access.

    Virtual employee folders will open up new opportunities for department employees to search, filter and sort documents, providing access to the archives during the time necessary only for introducing a query to the system clarifying what document or what group of documents is needed.

    A quick preview of a document image will allow the HR department employees to regain a significant percentage of their time spent on trips to archives and time-consuming file viewing.

    The electronic repository built in this way will allow for easy access to information relevant to the manager in charge of a team of workers without absorbing the human resources department employees. Additionally, you can use the automatic reminders for documents that require periodic renewal, e.g. periodic medical examinations, employee health and safety trainings, internal and external certificates.

    The solution of employee documentation management gives you a base of competence, expertise, certifications, skills, etc. which you have at your disposal in your company and which would be virtually inaccessible in paper form.



  • Safe and permanent digital repository
  • Quick access to documents through search mechanisms
  • Safe access employee documentation controlled with an authorisation system
  • Automatic systems supervising the validity of documents important in terms of time
  • The mechanism of recording every event associated with the document - who viewed the document, when it happened, who downloaded or saved outside the repository
  • A comprehensive knowledge base of competence and skills the company has or had at its disposal
 Zarządzanie dokumentacją pracowniczą

The product includes:

  • Scanning software – archiving and indexing documents
  • Physical document repository
  • Logic repositories
  • Notification and escalation mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced search module
  • The mechanism of building dynamic report lists (i.e. search folders)

Who will benefit:

  • HR director
  • HR department employees
  • Recruitment department
  • Managers building project teams
  • Administrative department

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