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An excellent tool to ensure effective supervision of the documentation and its records in electronic form – without sheets of paper. You can be calm – quality standards do not require any quality standards documentation
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    Thus, the computer application is the perfect environment for storing, managing, and publishing documents.

    What is very important for management system plenipotentiaries of the board, the introduction of electronic supervision of documentation in accordance with ISO quality standards provides an unambiguous method of supervision of records and with full and meticulous registration of all events related to a document, such as opening to edit, creating a new version, opening to read, preview, changing status (current, approved, modified) release for publication. What is more, many operations that are important from the ISO point of view can be automated, which will significantly improve the security of critical procedures, e.g. for work safety.

    Not only the supervision of documentation, but also the supervision of procedures is an essential feature of the quality management system. The workflow module of the elliteq system can be supplied with modelled quality procedures such as: dealing with nonconforming products, corrective and preventive actions, audit procedures.



  • Continuous/procedural update of document and record templates
  • Full control over the circulation and publication of documents
  • Easy and quick access only to current records
  • The introduction of corporate governance only through the use of procedures approved and verified by the Board

 Zarządzanie dokumentacją jakości

The product includes:

  • Document template repository with modifying tools
  • Server notifying about the dates of validity of records
  • Pre-defined workflow paths for typical quality procedures
  • Workflow modeller to modify the existing circulations and design the subsequent ones
  • [yt_list_style_item]Optional integration with a certified signature system[/yt_list_style_item]

Who will benefit:

  • Management system plenipotentiary of the board
  • Quality specialists
  • Environmental standards specialists
  • Safety specialists
  • Internal auditors
  • Organisation department manager
  • Organisation specialist

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