Providing employee documentationProviding employee documentation

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Simplify all access to employee files processes. Save your money and build an employee documentation archive, together with the workflow mechanisms. Give all employees individual access to their personal records with full downloadable copies of documents and certificates
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    Do you run a business and employ workers? Certainly, your human resources department uses the HR and payroll system. But do you have access to it

    Would you be able to find and see the complete documentation of your employee? And do you know how much time your employees spend on calls and visits to the HR department and how much time it costs to handle the certificates they are asking for? You will find answers to all these questions easily by using our solution

    With elliteq “Providing Employee Documentation”, you will simplify all processes of access to employee files and save money, using our solution to build an archive of employee documentation together with the workflow mechanisms. They also allow you to start the applications for certificates. Self-service mechanisms will allow the employee to access their personal files independently and download the copies of the documents or certificates.



  • secure image repository of all HR documents, available through advanced access control rules
  • instant access to images of documents of employees, terms of contracts, certificates, etc. without the mediation of HR employees
  • saving time of HR employees and workers applying for certificates
 Udostępnianie dokumentacji pracowniczej

The product includes:

  • the record of scanned HR documents in a logic tree of an archive depicted in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in folders divided into sections A, B, C
  • supervising the records to the appropriate section of the employee folder depending on the type of document
  • possibility of archiving images of certificates and diplomas - all documentation relevant to the business conducted by the company
  • workflow mechanisms of demand for certificates from HR department and archiving these certificates
  • advanced search mechanisms

Who will benefit:

  • HR departments
  • Recruitment departments
  • Employees
  • Department managers

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