Accounting for sellers’ commissionsAccounting for sellers’ commissions

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Calculating the seller’s commission is not a fixed algorithm. These algorithms vary with companies and industries; they often change within companies. The system that we propose is a database of information about the sales parameters broken down by individual sellers, and a tool to define their own algorithms for monitoring the implementation of sales and calculation of commissions and bonuses
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    Set up your own algorithm for calculating commissions and publish it as the only "legal" standard applicable in the company. Replace uncomfortable mechanisms of publishing sales reports and long-lasting manual calculations which are non-resistant to human error (also Excel) with an on-line operating mechanism. We give you the possibility of calculating the additional indicators, export to external systems (XLS, CSV, txt files to allow further processing), automatic distribution of sales reports, which are the basis for settlements, access to historical data and forecasting, the current preview of intermediate final results, automatic conversion of bonuses and commissions after corrections of sales data, reducing the workload of the process of commissions and discounts settlement, and, most importantly for sellers and intermediaries, faster payments of commissions.

    While looking at these solutions from the position of the participants of trade negotiations, on-line access to all kinds of simulators, in which you can equip the BI system, can facilitate decision-making, e.g. about the amount of the discount granted. Insight into the settlement history, discounts applicable for each Customer and their impact on the final commission of the seller or intermediary, are a good foundation for negotiating flexibility. This in turn has an impact on elements such as sales profitability management, Customer portfolio structure or the state of relationships with Customers.

    The parameters with which you will be able to describe the sale subject to the commission settlement include values such as:

    accounting period, the sales quota target, sales quantitative target, value and quantity of contracted sale, value and quantity of invoiced products/services, budgeted and unplanned sale costs, the amount of reimbursed and non-reimbursed costs, value of special discount granted by the seller, the number of products sold, the degree of plan implementation, ...

    The commission calculation system allows to complete the above data manually or by batch feed from the CRM and sales systems.



  • One approved set of input data and algorithms for calculating the commissions of sellers
  • Historical database
  • Possibility of converting commissions for various accounting periods
  • Possibility of calculations for individual sellers and groups
  • Shortening the time-consuming calculations
  • Possibility of integration with CRM and sales system
  • Automatic start of cyclical calculations
  • Possibility of using the elliteq report wizard
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The product includes:

  • Document repository
  • Database of sales parameters for calculation of commissions
  • Form editor allowing to modify and complete the database
  • Reminder and notification mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Data export tool

Who will benefit:

  • Sales director
  • Sellers/employees paid on a commission basis
  • Controlling department
  • HR and payroll departments

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