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The delivery of materials necessary for production is inextricably linked to complaints arising from an unacceptable level of supply quality, quantitative inconsistency due to the physical parameters not meeting the requirements of the contract. Using the Elliteq solution for handling supply complains provides you with precise registration of complaints lodged to the suppliers, and then keeps track of deadlines and consistently enforces due warranty obligations
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    The supply complaint handling system is the environment that allows to record sent complaints with reference to orders placed with suppliers. This solution allows you to grant the complaint claim with priorities determining the required date of processing the complaint and the registration of the complaint status.

    Notifications and information about the compliance of complaint activities of the supplier with their obligations under the agreement and guarantee, registered in the notification system, are important for the processes of supply and supplier qualification assessment. Using the system, the employees of your company will build an invaluable knowledge base of the quality and business reliability of your suppliers, which will allow you to make bolder purchasing decisions



  • Minimising the risks arising from the delay in processing the complaint by the supplier
  • Permanent procedure enforcing the compliance of proceedings of the employee submitting the complaint with the contractual terms of delivery and guarantee
  • Easy monitoring of the complaint status
  • Retail fact registers - what, who, when, what decision was made
  • Knowledge base of supply quality and reliability of suppliers
  • Knowledge base of complaint precedents
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The product includes:

  • Document repository
  • The features of building relationships between the documents relating to the given complaint
  • Expanded complaint registration form
  • Predefined workflow procedure executing the complaint process from detecting the defect, through approving the validity of the complaint, up to recording the decision of the supplier
  • Notification and escalation mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Building lists of dynamic reports as search folders

Who will benefit:

  • Supply director
  • Purchasing department employees
  • Production director
  • Quality control department

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