Receiving and handling customer ordersReceiving and handling customer orders

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Save time and money with elliteq and automate the processes of order registration and completion of production orders.
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    If your business consists in executing large volumes of products and services per unit of time, if the process of handling multiple Customer orders costs an excessive amount of time spent on their registration and completion of production orders, if your employees spend time on handling fixed recurring orders from the same Customers unnecessarily, consider if not recover this time by introducing mechanisms to automate the process of registration and completion of production orders?

    The “Receiving and Handling Customer Orders" procedure consists of the process of order registration in electronic form, starting the process of order approval and preparing to start the production order. Obviously, the reality of handling Customer orders is much more complex.

    Often, the first problem is the identification of the product for which the Customer asks. Further problems may arise with the analysis of the technical and timely feasibility, completion of collective production orders and forwarding the data for invoicing to the sales department after the implementation of the product of service.

    elliteq “Receiving and handling customer orders” will allow you to structure Customer orders in the electronic order form defining at least such data as the subject of the order, quantity, required date, financial terms and conditions of delivery. Then, it archives the original order for settlement purposes and any complaint claims.

    Thanks to workflow, the order form will be forwarded to the valuation/calculation department which will confirm material indices and feasibility, and propose a replacement or return the order to clarify the requirements.

    The approval, notifying the Customer about approving for implementation and completion of data for the production order. If the order applies to warehouse goods, a properly recognised material index will allow to forward the order to the appropriate warehouse. Such implementation of production/service, as well as taking the goods from the warehouse will be registered in the system, which means that they are released for invoicing and sending preparation.

    Thanks to the openness of the system to integrate with your Customer databases, indices, storage system or a financial accounting application, you will obtain high automation and save financial resources.



  • Safe and permanent repository of orders
  • Acceleration of registration of orders received by e-mail, fax, mail, telephone, conventional mail, ordering portal
  • Automation of the process of customer service from order to invoicing the order subject
  • Database of contract details allowing for analysis and reporting
  • Alerts and warnings defined for the terms required by the Customer or technological critical terms
  • Current tracking of the order implementation status and detecting bottlenecks and other threats
 Przyjmowanie i obsługa zamówień Klientów

The product includes:

  • Order repository
  • Electronic order form
  • Workflow procedure of order approval and production order completion
  • Notification and escalation mechanisms
  • Mechanism logging every decision in the process
  • Simple and advanced search module with the ability to carry out quantitative and valuable calculations
  • Mechanism completing order positions from the production order
  • Preparing to start the integration with warehouse, sales, accounting, and logistics system

Who will benefit:

  • Sales department
  • Production/service implementation department
  • Technical department
  • Calculation department
  • Material management department
  • Financial department

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