Delegation processDelegation process

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The product provides full support of the delegation process – from the moment the application is submitted to the final delegation settlement. Specially designed for the needs of the ideal workflow process, mapping all the steps involved in a typical business trip service
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    In addition, our solution can control other processes, e.g. informing the person managing the fleet that the employee intends to use the company vehicle, or informing the accounting department about the advance payment for the delegate.

    Another feature is the automatic creation of a vehicle card with the settlement of kilometres for a specific vehicle or creating an entry in a company calendar with the delegation of the employee, as well as other information useful in the delegation area.



  • Eliminating paper documents (business trip order)
  • [yt_list_style_item]Systemic and unequivocal way of delegation service[/yt_list_style_item]
  • Requirement of a particular method of trip settlement
  • [yt_list_style_item]Systematic way of collecting reports and other attachments from delegation[/yt_list_style_item]
  • Automatic calculation of allowances
  • Automatic settlement of advances
  • [yt_list_style_item]Always current information about which employees are absent[/yt_list_style_item]
  • Access to the full history of all business trips for interested persons

 Procesy delegacyjne

The product includes:

  • National and foreign delegations service
  • Automatically created list of the most popular destinations
  • Personalised list of means of transport
  • Mechanism of automatic calculation of allowance rates and delegation costs
  • Possibility of printing a summary of a business trip with all required information from the case form
  • [yt_list_style_item]Calendar with information on all corporate business trips[/yt_list_style_item]
  • Possibility of forwarding the data to the financial accounting system

Who will benefit:

  • Management
  • Department managers
  • Secretarial offices
  • Accounting department
  • Employees leaving for delegations


1. Starting and filling in the application for a business trip and adding necessary attachments.
2. Sending an application to the immediate superior.
3. Approval by the immediate superior.
4. Approval by the department director.
5. Settlement of the delegation; adding necessary attachments, supplementing required information.
6. Sending the settlement for approval.
7. Approval of the settlement.
8. Transferring the case together with all documents to the accounting department.


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