Vacation requests managementVacation requests management

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Knows exactly who to pass your leave request to for acceptance. Every employee in the system is assigned a workstation in a branch of the company and has a designated supervisor
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    A vacation request is a document that is inseparably linked with each company employing workers. It may be submitted by each employee to their immediate superior. It is not a very complicated document, and its content must only include basic information on the nature of the requested vacation, the start date and the end date.

    However, such a request must be handled in a company in a proper manner, the right persons need to be informed of its receipt, and applicants themselves must be notified about the decision made.

    Handling such process fits perfectly into the basic objectives of elliteq “Vacation requests management”. Each employee as an elliteq user is assigned to a post in a specific sector of the company with an appointed supervisor. Thanks to this, the system knows exactly who should receive the vacation request of each employee for approval.



  • Systematic way of handling vacation requests
  • Complete elimination of paper application forms
  • Acceleration of process handling
  • Immediate notification of the decision to the applicant
  • Automatic company calendar entries concerning employee absences
  • Schedule of vacations
  • Integration with HR system
  • Assigning substitutions
  • History of vacations
 Vacation requests management

The product includes:

  • Service of complex organisational structures in companies with multiple locations
  • The mechanism of automatic substitution during absence
  • Calendar with submitted/approve vacations of all employees
  • Archives and the full history of leave requests
  • Possibility of integration with HR system

Who will benefit:

  • Department managers
  • Secretarial office
  • HR department
  • Employees


1. Starting the case and filling in the vacation request
2. Checking the amount of vacation entitlement in the HR system
3. Sending a request to the Manager for approval
4. Second approval by the Director (optional)
5. notification of the decision to the applicant
6. Assigning substitution (to handle workflow cases)
7. Entry in the company calendar about the employee’s absence
8. Forwarding information on the vacation to the HR department
9. Closing the case

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