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Properly evaluate the chances of intended success, and increase the precision in any investment process task. Our solution will help you to minimize the risk of failure and eliminate damaging improvisation in one of these tasks – unified process of handling and accepting the CAPEX application
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    Investment always entails the risk of incorrect assessment of opportunities and threats to achieve the intended objective. When deciding about spending financial means or the release, in order to reduce the risk of failure, we want to be precise in each specific investment process task. Elliteq for investment proposal management eliminates disastrous improvisation in one of these tasks - unified procedure of handling and approval of the CAPEX application.

    The “Investment proposal management” procedure begins with entering data into the application form to start a project financed from the CAPEX budget by identifying the supervisor of the project, contractor or team responsible for its implementation, financing sources, calculations, and above all a schedule of actions in the form of define control as to define the state controlling states (data, facts, person responsible, documentation) and by the information flow through the workflow path person responsible for assessment, approval of the decision, approval of expenses, and approval of deadlines.

    The standardised workflow procedure will take care of approval and permanent archiving of documents such as: analysis of needs and justification for the application, the application as such, cost estimations, valuations, as well as financial and technical documentation, contracts, proxies, certificates and protocols. There are plenty of documents accompanying the process of approving the expenditures especially for investments.

    At the stage of the settlement of investment, all the approvals and documents will be checked - it is important to use the workflow mechanism supervising their precise completion, preferably equipped with a system of reminders, alerts and escalations. The whole case ends up with completing the necessary data required for issuing the order and starting its implementation.

    Through the mechanism of the current log of all events, we can control the changes in the scope, deadlines, expenditures, and always update records in the system in line with formal acceptance of the authorised decision-maker.



  • Safe and permanent digital repository
  • Quick access to documents through search mechanisms
  • Quick access to complete documentation from the workflow step level
  • Certain repeatability of proved procedures
  • Significant savings in time spent on manual documentation handling
  • Alerts and warnings defined in the key steps of the process
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The product includes:

  • Document repository of the investment project and related documents
  • Workflow procedure of approval at each stage of the process
  • Notification and escalation mechanisms
  • Mechanism logging every decision in the process
  • Simple and advanced search module
  • Report of billings of costs and their changes

Who will benefit:

  • Company board
  • Investment department
  • Controlling department
  • Accounting department
  • Employees responsible and decision-making in the project

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