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Manage the internal and external recruitment process. Use data collected to build a base of competence and specialization according to your requirements. Safely assemble candidates’ documents such as: advertisements, resumes, cover letters, photographs, certificates, references, etc.
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    If you want to systematically carry out processes of hiring employees, use of the functionality offered by the system, which will take care of the necessary multi-stage character of the process, obtaining necessary profile information of the candidate, and keeping regimes of time.

    – You can collect data from every stage of the recruitment and build a base of competence, specialization and details specific to your requirements - using their own glossaries. With elliteq “Recruitment process support”, you can:

    – safely complete the candidates' documents: ads, CVs, cover letters, photos, certificates and references, and build a perfect environment of specialist selection through describing the documents with relevant metadata.

    – manage the processes of internal and external recruitment, not allowing for the omission of any significant step of the process - from the list of competences sought, through the announcement project and a “media" via which it will be published, up to a systematic analysis of the candidates' applications and notes from all levels of interviews.

    The system will also ensure that you inform the candidate at the agreed time and archive the content and the date of notification. In addition, you have the possibility of determining the status of both the candidate’s application and the whole process.

    The repository of the system will help you in the next step of storing the details if are flooded with dozens of requests for proposal or work that you address the candidate with. For negatively assessed applications, there is a possibility of removing the candidates' personal data from the repository in line with the content of the CV closure.



  • Safe and non-volatile electronic archive of recruitment process documentation
  • Safe repository of candidates’ applications
  • Implementation of all stages of the recruitment in accordance with the internal organisation without the risk of omissions of activities relevant to the organisation or those required by law
  • Using methods of recruitment that are proved and in force in the company, which is beneficial in terms of more certain results of comparisons of candidate assessments
  • Completing an extensive base of potential of employed crew, including glossary definitions of hard and soft features, owned certifications, skills, successes
  • Vital search engines allowing for the construction of competent project teams
  • Ready data “batch” for the HR and payroll system allowing for the registration of a new employee
  • Access to the full employee career path, much wider than the data in the HR modules (e.g. employee participation and role in multi-departmental and interdisciplinary projects)
  • Ready workflow environment to automatically start the next process resulting from the employment of the worker (clearance slip, assigning equipment, notifying infrastructure administrators, authorisations, ...)

 Recruitment process support

The product includes:

  • Electronic archiving of all electronic and scanned documents associated with the whole process of recruitment (demand, announcement, profile data of candidates, CVs, cover letters, attachments, ...)
  • Possibility of building own glossaries of terms
  • Possibility of building own glossaries of ratings allowing to create rankings
  • Advanced search and selection mechanisms
  • Possibility of storing queries, allowing to instantly obtain a list of candidates or employees
  • Registration and access to the full log of event history, e.g. who downloaded which documents to read
  • Possibility of integration with HR system

Who will benefit:

  • Recruitment department
  • HR department

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