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Materials invoice is a specific incoming invoice – it is an important document of materials economization and finance, and is issued by the supplier in addition to the implementation the order. This a significant feature that distinguishes the materials invoice from the cost. Acceptance of the materials invoice could be a very simple workflow when a company carries out the registration process and formally accepts the purchase orders
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    The fact that a purchase order is formally approved by the authorised member of the company management causes that the material invoice does not have to be formally accepted as a cost document.

    Supply departments are responsible for the settlement of an invoice with reference to position the correct order/orders. And here comes the power of workflow solutions for material invoice circulation. A standard procedure forwards the invoice registered by the Office directly to the Purchasing Department, where the sector specialist settles the open positions of orders placed with the supplier and directs the invoice directly or through the Warehouse/Production to the Accounting department.

    Openness of workflow to integration with purchase modules and financial accounting of the ERP system The form on which the sector specialist conducts the settlement of the invoice with reference to orders takes the tabular form, which allows to describe the position of the invoice with numbers of orders, material indices, cost centre numbers, project numbers, if any of these values are not recorded in the order module of the ERP system. The workflow form allows the user to build their own lists of these sizes or feeding these glossaries with the data from the ERP system.

    The system issues the details of an invoice settlement in the export file. These data can be downloaded to the purchasing module of the ERP system to update the details of open orders. Or, if the Customer is not interested in such integration, their own database of completed materials purchases is built. The material invoice circulation system based on Workflow FLOWer mechanisms dramatically accelerates and organises the processes of purchase settlement, leaving no room for delay or non-standard measures.



  • Reduction of expenditures for handling invoices in the company
  • Elimination of paper circulation of all risks associated with handling paper documents (loss, damage, many duplicates - repeated booking)
  • Monitoring of order implementation
  • Obtaining another source of evaluation and qualification of suppliers
  • Monitoring of the timeliness of payments
  • Tight invoice settlement process controlled by the system with reference to the order
  • Retail-registered facts - what, who, when, how was the fact done in connection with the description of the invoice
  • Possibility of integrating with the register of suppliers, the purchasing programme and the financial accounting programme

 Obieg Faktur materiałowych

The product includes:

  • Document repository
  • Software supporting invoice scanning and registration process
  • Flexible form with an assignment table and glossary fields
  • Reminder and notification mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Invoice data export file

Who will benefit:

  • Purchasing department
  • Production department
  • Financial department
  • Controlling department
  • Project managers

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