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The cost invoice is a document that could very well surprise the company’s accounting department. This is because the orders in the cost invoices (unlike the materials) have not been accepted or registered in the system. Orders are the source of information relevant to accounting – value, deadline, date of payment
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    Due to the nature of the cost invoice, its appearance in the company usually invokes the “investigation” process - who is responsible for the purchase? Which cost centre should be charged? The budget of which project should be charged with this expense?

    That is why the circulation of the cost invoice is fairly typical – the invoice is registered in the office and forwarded to the accounting department, which registers the document in the financial accounting system and, based on experience, probably properly indicates the person or department responsible for the correct factual description of the invoice.

    Obviously, there are new and unusual situations, where it is difficult to identify the correct recipient for the first time. Then, consultations take place in order to determine the potential persons responsible for the purchase. This is why the workflow procedures for cost invoices are often flexible, open, controlled ad-hoc, while the typical and repeatable part is the beginning and end of the procedure. The beginning is the office and accounting department, the end is the director approving the cost and the accounting department, which ends the process of booking the invoice in the financial accounting system.

    If, together with the flexible process of handling the circulation of the cost invoice, we provide you with the possibility of building your own lists of cost centre numbers, project numbers, internal orders numbers, tabular assignment form and system prepared for data exchange with your financial accounting software, it will be easy to imagine the benefits of the implementation cost invoice circulation.



  • Reduction of expenditures for handling invoices in the company
  • Elimination of paper circulation of all risks associated with handling paper documents (loss, damage, many duplicates - repeated booking)
  • Monitoring of the timeliness of payments
  • Tight invoice approval process controlled by the system
  • Retail-registered facts - what, who, when, how was the fact done in connection with the approval of the invoice
  • Possibility of integrating with the register of suppliers and the financial accounting module

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The product includes:

  • Document repository
  • Barcode printing generator and system
  • Software supporting invoice scanning and registration process
  • Interface ready to work with the OCR system
  • Flexible form with an assignment table
  • "Open" workflow procedure typical for cost invoices
  • Invoice data export file
  • Reminder and notification mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced search

Who will benefit:

  • Financial director
  • Financial department
  • Controlling department
  • Project managers
  • Department managers

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