Control and supervision of budgetsControl and supervision of budgets

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Have control over the project budgets and compare their revenues to their expenses. Have a systematic and repeatable development environment for zero-based budgeting, acceptance and supervision of revision budgets. Thanks to the ERP integration, you will get many benefits
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    If you want to have control over project budgets and see the comparison of their revenues and expenses, use a solution that will allow you to register the anticipated physical and financial expenditures in relation to the revenues obtained, reflecting the invoiced sales. The system will show you the current difference between the values planned in the budget in relation to the approved data, and then registered for the given project (project phase).

    Thanks to the possibility of dividing the project into representative stages, tasks, or elements, with the appropriate correspondence of partial expenditures and revenues, you will be able to conclude about the profitability of the various project activities. Use the possibility of archiving and versioning of the budget sheet implemented with the help of a tabular project budget form.

    Let the workflow process performs the procedure of the zero budget objectives, its approval and release for implementation, and use circulations of revision and creation of new versions of the budget for complex and long-term projects.

    If you are a project manager, you will obtain that one correct, current and approved version of the budget. You will be able to report derogations with the help of workflow, requesting a revision of the budget.

    When project managers or a sales department invoice products and services with reference to the budgeted project, the system will automatically register data on the axis of the project revenue, allowing you to control its implementation independently and on an ongoing basis. You will gain time avoiding dangerous hurry in situations of necessary reaction (budget revision).

    If you are already working with budgets using spreadsheets, we will not persuade you to abandon these popular tools. We will use our solutions and their mechanisms of circulation, archiving, approval and versioning of documents, which will definitely improve the efficiency and safety of the budget in office package sheets. You will enjoy a number of benefits: only one active budget sheet in the process, only authorised persons modifying/revising, working only on the accepted sheet, automatic notification about the dangers of budget parameters (in financial terms of quantity and timeliness).



  • Systematised and consistent environment of developing zero budgets, approval and supervised budget revision
  • avoiding the danger of working on different versions of budget sheets simultaneously by multiple employees
  • avoiding errors resulting from working on a non-approved or outdated budget sheet
  • independent online access to the budget sheet and information on the status of its implementation
  • thanks to the integration with ERP, you will be able to import the budget developed there so that the implementation always refers to the current budget applicable in the ERP
  • thanks to the integration with ERP, you will be able to export the data of the revised budget to ERP
  • integration with ERP allows to feed the budget sheet with the current data from the approval process of financial documents/invoices
 Kontrola i nadzorowanie budżetów

The product includes:

  • workflow executing the steps of zero budget initiation, approval of the implementation budget creation and its revision and approval of subsequent versions and their publications
  • workflow equipment with tabular budget form with the possibility of registration of partial components of income and expenses/expenditures in relation to the stages and tasks of the project with their distribution in time
  • possibility of archiving in association with the given project of any supplementary documents (documentation, correspondence, agreements, comments, ..)
  • notification and alert rules
  • search and selection mechanisms
  • application environment ready for the development of project management process in the world of task work
  • detailed ordering and settlement of work tasks resulting in current data registering from work cards of the given project (and hence the budget)
  • possibility of aggregation of the results of individual projects and undertakings in order to control the budget of the entire company

Who will benefit:

  • Controlling departments
  • Production directors
  • Project managers
  • Board

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