Logistics documents and processesLogistics documents and processes

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Settlement of transactions among all participants in the supply chain involves an exchange of a large number of documents. Among them are documents required by the law and those that arise from the need to document the events and deviations from the agreed parameters. Other documents include consignment (in this CMR), shipment invoices, damage protocols, WZ-ki, pallet receipts, are subject to the registration, workflow, and tracking procedures
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    Elliteq for logistics documents and processes minimises the use of paper in their processing, providing digitisation, indexation, circulation management and archiving of documents.

    These functions can be used for forwarding contracts, forwarding invoices, forwarding orders, and waybills. A workflow mechanism supports the flow of work between workers from a single forwarding order under the forwarding agreement and an accompanying waybill, up to forwarding invoices finalising the transaction.

    The documents registered in the elliteq system are stored in an electronic repository elliteq ARVest, which provides authorised users with their images, metadata and information about the decisions taken on their basis, while the workflow engine elliteq FLOWer takes care of the processes.

    The problems of daily duties are resolved by reports of search folders, automated alerts and notifications allowing for timely identification of bottlenecks of processes. Each document forwarded to the next participant in the approval process is completed with the necessary information making their work more readable and clear. Employees at a supervisory level and process owners gain the possibility of continuous monitoring of the status of each task.



  • Reduction of expenditures for handling paper documents
  • Systematising the procedures for registration and settlement of logistics documents
  • Elimination of paper of all risks associated with handling paper documents (loss, damage, many duplicates)
  • Easy monitoring of the service status
  • Retail fact registers - what, who, when, what decision was made
  • Possibility of integration with customer systems
 Dokumenty i procesy w logistyce

The product includes:

  • Document repository
  • Barcode printing generator and system
  • Software supporting scanning and archiving process
  • Notification and escalation mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Building lists of dynamic reports as search folders

Who will benefit:

  • Logistics director
  • Participants of logistic processes
  • Financial department
  • Transport managers
  • Controlling department

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