e-invoices reception automatione-Invoices reception automation

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This electronic documents repository is ideal for storing e-invoices
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    Receiving an e-Invoice in the form of a computer file (e.g. PDF), we should store it in a way that ensures authenticity of origin, integrity of content and readability, until expiry date of the limitation period of the tax obligation arising from it.

    The solution for the automation of receiving e-Invoices is perfect for such tasks. Receiving an e-Invoice from the contractor eliminates the need to scan it. Thanks to the integrated interface, each e-Invoice can be automatically detected already in the MS Outlook mailbox.

    The system is very likely to determine if the attachment in the e-mail is actually an invoice and to forward its image to the approval process implemented in a dedicated workflow process. If necessary, it will also perform OCR and its intelligent interpretation implemented e.g. through Invoice Description Automation.

    At the same time, the system will permanently archive the e-Invoice file in a digital repository together with the e-mail with which it was delivered. This archiving will ensure content integrity and authenticity of its origin. Properly configured processes will also allow to automate the invoice in the repository corresponding to the organisation of storing financial documents for accounting periods.

    Thanks to advanced search mechanisms, both internal and external inspections can be implemented efficiently without unnecessary nervousness during the search of invoices.



  • Saving paper - elimination of e-Invoices printing
  • Avoiding situations involving the fear of losing the integrity of the content of the printed e-Invoice
  • Simplification of control procedures
  • Automation of the detection of e-invoices in electronic mail
  • Mechanisms notifying the detection of a document that is not recognized as a 100% e-Invoice

 Automatyzacja przyjmowania e-Faktur

The product includes:

  • Document repository
  • Integration with MS Outlook
  • Notification by e-mail and system

Who will benefit:

  • Accounting department
  • Secretarial office
  • Chief accountant
  • Financial director

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