Invoices annotation automationInvoices annotation automation

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The process of incoming invoices approval using the documents workflow function is associated with the act of rewriting the data from the invoice to the workflow form. The process is excellently automatized by the use of technology to automatically interpret the OCR results
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    Our solution will interpret the OCR results of an invoice in a way that all invoice features of invoices, such as its number, net and gross amounts, tax amounts for different VAT rates, date of payment, number of account of the supplier – i.e. all the data necessary for its decreeing – will be found. These data will be automatically entered in an assignment form. For good-quality scans, this method provides a very high probability of reading correctness.

    Furthermore, we offer you an application for local use, not a cloud service, which seems to be particularly important when it comes to the security of sensitive data concerning the invoice value, subject, and the contractor.

    The application is a solution that does not require reading templates modelling; it creates a library of invoice patterns and improves the details of templates in the process of subsequent data readings. Reading the data from the invoice unknown to the system requires an indication of those areas on the invoice scan from which the read numbers, phrases, and dates should go to the appropriate form fields. This operation for the “new” invoice is implemented only once, while allowing the application to learn a new invoice scheme. The use of our product allows to reduce the work of employees entering the invoices into the system to a minimum.

    After applying the Invoice Description Automation product, working with repeating invoices looks as follows: after scanning, the role of the person entering the document into the system is limited to validating the correctness of phrases and data transferred to the form.



  • Saving time spent on rewriting data from invoices
  • The possibility of deploying mechanical work of rewriting the invoice data from the accounting office to the secretarial office
  • Obtaining the environment constituting the first major step towards the implementation of the interface entering the data into the financial accounting system
  • Elimination of human error when entering data into computer systems
  • Restoring breaks for employees
  • Possibility of using the FLEXer application for documents other than invoices

 Automatyzacja opisywania faktur

The product includes:

  • OCR engine built in the application software for use with automatic interpretation mechanisms
  • Intelligent application building a library of patterns of incoming invoices
  • Interpretation of virtually any language in which the invoice is delivered
  • Internal integration of the FLEXer application with the ScanPort scanning station application and its metadata forms
  • Functionality of batch interpretation of multiple invoices at the same time
  • Possibility of working with the enabled learning mode - e.g. for the needs of OCR of single or unusual invoices or other documents


  • Accounting department
  • Secretarial office
  • Chief accountant
  • Financial director

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