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Archive of your documents is the first solution to the problems of difficult access to the documents. The second is ideal organization, and third is a completely new quality in the management of all documents.
  • Thanks to our solution, work becomes more comfortable and organized. Traditional document archives in most companies contain only one copy of the document, available to only one person at a time and in just one place. In practice, documents are unnecessarily copied and badly organized. Archiving your documents fully solves this inconvenience.


  • One repository containing all documents, accessible to all authorized personnel
  • Instant access to documents from anywhere in the world
  • Reduction of costs associated with dissemination and distribution of documents
  • Individual representation of the physical archive’s structure
  • A very advanced system of authorizations, which allows you to elaborately manage the access rights to individual documents and folders
  • The ability to add images (scans) of documents or files previously created or stored on your computer
  • Creating references and connections among documents
  • Document versioning
  • Full history of events for each document
  • The ability to create different types of documents
  • Automatic numbering of entered documents
  • Advanced document search engine
 archiwum Twoich dokumentów

The product contains:

  • A digital archive of documents created in accordance with applicable standards
  • Archives of all types of documents
  • Stored unique metadata for each document
  • The guarantee of secure information storage
  • The reduction of document storage space
  • The possibility of total archive management
  • The ability to arbitrarily create and store complex search queries
  • Any folder tree structure
  • Any file type storage
  • Automatic creation of subsequent document versions while editing
  • A mechanism for secure editing of documents (one person at a time)

Who benefits:

  • Authorized employees
  • HR departments
  • Recruitment departments
  • Management department

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