Archiving and annotating invoices + OCRArchiving and annotating invoices + OCR

Enhances invoices annotation | Forms | OCR
The process of handling incoming invoices implemented in electronic form in place of the current paper form is a guaranteed benefit
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    The benefits resulting from reducing the time of registration include centralising documentation and easy yet supervised access, as well as relieving the accounting department from mechanical tasks of rewriting data. Instead, the accounting services may use a repository of images and metadata of invoices allowing for the monitoring of timeliness and cost analyses in important advance, i.e. before the invoice is be booked in the financial accounting system.

    The registration of an incoming invoice itself can be carried out in the secretarial office immediately after receiving correspondence and described with the invoice data. If the OCR technology is used for this invoice description process, the benefits resulting from the acceleration of registration will be considerable. Moreover, the process of registration of an incoming invoice itself can be part of a general office process of correspondence registration.



  • Saving registration and archiving time
  • Significant reduction of the time to access data of the registered invoices before they are booked
  • Relieving skilled accounting departments from mechanical data rewriting work
  • Obtaining the environment of quantitative and valuable reporting from the invoice database, not connected with ERP/financial accounting systems
  • Security of financial documents

 Archiwizacja i opisywanie faktur + OCR

The product includes:

  • Document repository modelled for archiving invoices
  • Scanning application independent of the scanning device
  • Dedicated scan profiles for invoices
  • Metadata form for invoices
  • OCR functionality for "drag and drop” indexing
  • Preparation for integration with the database of contractors and financial accounting system
  • the possibility of using a barcode system


  • Accounting department
  • Secretarial office
  • Controlling department
  • Chief accountant
  • Financial director

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