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Archive of your documentsArchive of your documents

Your documents at hand | Storage | Versioning
Archive of your documents is the first solution to the problems of difficult access to the documents. The second is ideal organization, and third is a completely new quality in the management of all documents.

Document archiving and managementDocument archiving and management

Storage | Organization | Search | OCR | FullText Search
Incredibly easy access to all documents in your company combined with an intelligent OCR and full-text search. The product also solves the problem of difficult access to documents

Electronic registration of correspondenceElectronic registration of correspondence

Correspondence registration | Document workflow | Physical archiving
Full work comfort thanks to a simple and intuitive Workflow. The system saves all incoming and outgoing correspondence from the company; it properly classifies and describes the correspondence, and notifies the concerned employees. All the original documents will be stored in the spaces indicated by the system.

Complaints from customersComplaints from customers

Complaints from customers | Registration | Handling procedures | Notifications
Get the customer satisfaction effect and properly handle complaints. Set a high standard of service and limit the subsequent complaints to a minimum

Implementation of projects – ordersImplementation of projects – orders

Tasks delegation – work order | Acceptance | Tracking | Reporting | Notifications
Check out the budget assumptions of projects, obtain information about real expenditures devoted to the implementation of tasks. An efficient workflow is required in the implementation of projects

Document lifecycle managementDocument lifecycle management

Preparation of letters/agreements/protocols | Document templates | Check-in/Check-out | Acceptance | Publication | Event history
Having an electronic document archive brings benefits such as quick access to the repository, controlled access to confidential documents. But with DMS’ advanced system, you can achieve a lot more

Cost invoices workflowCost invoices workflow

Indexation | Workflow | Assignment | Acceptance | ERP integration
The cost invoice is a document that could very well surprise the company’s accounting department. This is because the orders in the cost invoices (unlike the materials) have not been accepted or registered in the system. Orders are the source of information relevant to accounting – value, deadline, date of payment

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