elliteq ECM software special offer


 New, special offer for elliteq ECM software!

You tell us, how much elliteq ECM license is worth to you!

We create software, that helps our Customers achieve their goals and profits for years. Based on our experience and ensured about reliability of elliteq ECM we decided to introduce a new way accounting for the implementation of our software.

Don't pay for the license right away!

You will pay only for the implementation work and you can start using the software. After 6 months we will meet and talk about your work at that time and how our software helped you. You will estimate how much elliteq ECM software is worth to you and we will decide the price. Don't worry - you will never pay more than what we have in our price list.

It's you who will propose the price for elliteq ECM software license!

If, after 6 months you will see no benefits of implementing our software, you can "turn it back" - we will export your data into agreed format and we will uninslall our software. There's only one "but", but based on our experience we will not encouner it.

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